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Hydrogenics to Provide Fuel Cell APU for Hydrogen ICE Bus

Hydrogenics Corporation has received an order for a fuel cell auxiliary power unit from MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of commercial trucks, urban buses, coaches, intercity buses and bus chassis.

The fuel cell auxiliary power unit (FC-APU) will be integrated into an urban bus with a hydrogen internal combustion engine (H2ICE) that is being deployed in Berlin for the European Community’s HyFLEET:CUTE project (Earlier post.) Current plans are for the FC-APU to be delivered and bench tested in the early fall of 2007 and fully installed on the bus by year end.

Capable of supplying passenger and driver air conditioning and other peripheral power units on board the bus, Hydrogenics’ FC-APU is an alternate configuration of its HyPX Fuel Cell Power Pack product, primarily designed as a lead-acid battery replacement for materials handling vehicles. The FC-APU is a hybrid system that incorporates the company’s proprietary HyPM-HD Fuel Cell Power Module rated at 16 kW together with energy-storing ultracapacitors for peak power of up to 30 kW.


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