Sweden Targets 30% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2020
Bioselect and Chevron Unveil Fully Operational Texas Biodiesel Plant

India Says It Will Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by More Than 25% by 2020

Reuters. India’s Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Prodipto Ghosh, said that the country’s existing energy policy would cut its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 25% by 2020, but also warned that pressure to set mandatory targets to curb global warming would hurt economic growth.

India currently produces about 3% of total global anthropogenic carbon emissions.

Ghosh told a news conference that  India is spending 2.17% of GDP annually on addressing climate change through projects in agriculture, coastal zones and health and sanitation. Ghosh also said global warming was the fault of industrialized nations who should set higher cuts in emissions targets for themselves, rather than pressuring developing countries.



This will require an all out solar, wind, hydro (all forms), biomass (including garbage, and human/animal waste), and OTEC effort.


If India can make this a priority why can't China?


If India can make this a priority why can't China?

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