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Indus Developing 3- and 4-wheeled Electric Vehicles, Hybrid-Electric Bus

New Kerala. Indus-Electrans, maker of the electric two-wheeler Yobyke, has recently developed prototypes of electric three- and four-wheelers and hybrid-electric low-floor buses.

Electric 3-wheeler (autorickshaw) and hybrid-electric bus prototypes. Click to enlarge.

Company operations director Avinash Bhandari said the prototypes have been submitted to Pune-based Automobile Research Authority of India (ARAI) for approval.

The company, a division of Electrotherm (India) Limited, launched the battery-operated two-wheelers last February in Gujarat and has sold 30,000 so far. The Yobyke uses a lead-acid battery with a five-hour charge time and a range of 70 km (43 miles) per charge. Maximum speed is 25 kph (16 mph). The company is developing a two-wheeler with a top speed of 80 kph (50 mph).



I have developed a technique to use in electric vehicles which will improve their pulling power withought causing extraloss of battery power
for details mail me

amrinder singh khalsa

sir please launch the hi speed scooter as soon as possible,i am from khanna (punjab)

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