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Montebello, CA to Buy 150 ISE Gasoline Hybrid-Electric Buses

Minnesota Governor Signs Energy Act into Law

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty signed The Next Generation Energy Act (SF538) into law on 25 May, thereby setting the goal of cutting the state’s energy consumption by 25% by 2025. The law also sets the state’s greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals at 15% by 2015, 30% by 2025, and 80% by 2050.

The law supplements the 25 x 25 renewable energy standard proposed by the Governor and signed earlier this year, as well as future bioenergy and biofuels policies and recommendations.



wow that's the first one i've seen to actually make a substantial (nearly 100%) cut! nice


He just vetoed a $0.05 gas tax two weeks ago. Yet he thinks giving millions to massive farming conglomerates with 11-figure revenues will solve all of their energy issues.

Stan Peterson

Since there is no intent to ever ACTUALLY MEET the projected rules and limits, the entire benefit of the exercise has now been fully achieved.

The Press Conference and the newspaper headlines were entirely it. That was the purpose for the politicians and for the phonies in the environmental organizatiosn who know it was all a PR execise, who also specialize in PR camapaigns.

To paraphrase from a certain economist of the 1860's: " From each PR flack as is his ability... to each PR as is is need..."

Jeffrey S

Governor Pawlenty drives me crazy with his constant prostrations to the anti tax people and his odious self promotion for national office. That being the case, when I read about his support of global warming gas reductions I have difficulty believing it.

I hope it's a genuine effort but I remain as suspicious of his initiative as I am of George Bush's recent global warming conversion.

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