CSIRO Awarded A$59.6M for Research into Low Emission Transport Fuels
London Mayor Green Lights World’s Largest Low Emission Zone

National Forum on Bio-Methane as a Road Transport Fuel Launches in the UK

A new group dedicated to promoting bio-methane as a road transport fuel in the UK launched at the Naturally Gas conference on 1 May.

The group—National Forum on Bio-Methane as a Road Transport Fuel—developed from a study carried out on behalf of the NSCA (National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection) and a subsequent conference during 2006.

The study concluded that a significant proportion of the UK’s road transport fuel needs could be supplied by bio-methane produced by the anaerobic digestion of organic waste. As additional benefits the process could reduce waste sent to landfill and also produce potentially valuable by-products.

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When people mention biomethane, most think of biodigesters...I think of gasifiers and SNG.


Is it possible to dissolve methane in gasoline or diesel ?
You might be able to use a 5 - 10% dissolved blend if so, without changing cars and engines.


I read on here that a company injects CNG into diesel engines along with a bit of diesel, but I have never heard of it in solution.


Untaxed, uninsured, stolen cars are running undetected on UK roads and the Gatso 2 intends to tackle this problem with an iron fist.
No additional mechanical or biological filtration is necessary, as the live rock performs nitrification and denitrification.
But what she soon discovered came as a shock to her.

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