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Quantum Signs Alternative Fuel Systems Distribution Agreement for India

1 May 2007

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide has signed an agreement for the marketing, sales, and distribution in India of its leading alternative fuel vehicle products and systems for compressed natural gas (CNG), blends of natural gas and hydrogen, and liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

The Indian subcontinent is the fastest growing market for CNG and LPG systems, and is projected to double its global market share by 2012, according to the company. This rapid growth in India is due to strong support from local governments and by fuel suppliers providing supporting infrastructure. The global markets for CNG and LPG are expected to exceed 8 million units by 2012, up from 3 million units in 2006.

The agreement covers Quantum’s patented high-durability gaseous fuel injectors; Type II, Type III and light-weight Type IV fuel storage tanks; fuel metering systems, electronic engine control units, and calibration strategies to meet increasingly stringent emission standards; and vehicle integration methodologies for India’s fast growing automotive and bus markets.

Quantum recently announced an agreement in China for lower-cost Type II and Type III CNG tanks. (Earlier post.)

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