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Valeo StARS + X System in Microbus Trial

Quantum to Develop Diesel Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle for US Army

The first-generation Aggressor fuel-cell hybrid.

The US Army has awarded Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ:QTWW) a $4.88-million contract to develop a diesel hybrid electric version of its Alternative Mobility Vehicle (AMV) “Aggressor.”

This program is a follow-on to Quantum's Aggressor vehicle, a high-performance light-duty off-road fuel-cell hybrid vehicle developed for the US Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), National Automotive Center (NAC). (Earlier post.)

The objective of this program is to develop a second-generation high-performance light-duty off-road hybrid electric vehicle platform based on the results of and feedback from the US Army’s testing and evaluation of the original Aggressor.

The propulsion system for this next phase of AMV development will focus on a JP-8 fuel-compatible diesel internal combustion engine-based, battery-dominant, series-hybrid electric system, which would provide a cost-effective, near-term solution. Pre-production prototypes will be developed and built for testing and evaluation by selected commands to assess mission suitability, supportability, performance objectives, and guidance on final vehicle configuration.

The contract will be through and administered by Alion Science and Technology Corporation, based in Alexandria, VA. Alion will provide project management oversight in support of this effort for the US Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center.



Coooooool! I want one! Although I probably could never afford this, there are probably some rich civilians out there that could, and make their own Hydrogen to boot.


Schmeltz: hydrogen? who mentioned hydrogen?


"follow-on to Quantum's Aggressor vehicle...fuel cell hybrid"

Sorry. I mis-read the above. I thought this vehicle was a fuel cell, when actually it's a diesel electric hybrid. Thanks--but actually that's better news for civilians as diesel is little easier to come by.


Right Answer, Wrong Answer. It's the right answer because series hybrid diesel is where SUV's need to get to as soon as possible, in an SUV format think about 40-50mpg with an element of pluggable. Its the wrong answer because Quantum is not an auto manufacturer therefore there will be no follow through to SUV's.

I just wish this country would think strategically aboout its CO2 production and dependence on foreign oil.

Give the contract to GM, tell them that straight after building this (cool) military toy, government agencies will be required to buy their SUV's with radically improved fuel economy. That way the military gets its cool toy, that id*** Lutz will have a clearly laid out direction for the future of GM, CAFE can be implemented, oil imports reduced, CO2 production reduced, and all it took was a little bit of thinking.


I'm glad to see that the move toward series hybrids are on. They're the next step and simpler engineering-wise than the parallel hybrid technology like that in the Civic and Prius.


Cheryl Ho

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