Birmingham, AL Switches City Fleet to B20
World Bank: Global CO2 Emissions Up 16% from 1990



That's a very small deposit. I'm not sure how much actual firm demand those 12,600 deposits represent, but at least it's a cool million in the bank, cash, for the distributor almost a year before he has to deliver anything.


Closer to 1.2 Mil. by by calculations. I wish my business could
have preorders for potential customers. This should be a wake
up call, to those behemoths rolling off the assembly lines
right now. It looks like some MORE dealer incentives comming to
a showroom near you. I think these manurfacturer incentives,
by future customers, may have the potential to drive this
ever evolving auto industry. Costomers, voting with their
dollars, in a battle to get what they want, could be a powerful
thing. I hope the stalwarts are paying close attention. Capitalism,
and its system of checks and ballances seems to
be transforming along with market efficiencies.

Gerald Shields

Man, that is one small azz car, until you hear about the high mpg.

Gerald Shields

And at $11,000,it's inexpensive.


its US mileage isn't that much higher than a Corolla or Yaris, and one of its main benefits in Europe – small size allowing parking almost anywhere, including cramped city centers – is mostly a moot point in the US since most cities were designed with cars in mind, quite unlike Europe.
i'm also guessing that there won't be a diesel model in the US either.

so what happened to ZAP?

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