ZF Develops 8-Speed Automatic Transmission for Passenger Cars; 6% Additional Fuel Savings, and Support for Hybridization
EC Launches Biofuels Public Consultation

Southern Research Opens New Carbon-To-Liquids (C2L) Development Center

Southern Research Institute plans to open a Carbon-to-Liquids (C2L) Development Center in the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina.

This energy and transportation fuel research facility will facilitate the commercial acceptance of technologies that convert non-petroleum carbon resources into high-value products such as synthetic diesel fuel, jet fuel, methanol, ethanol and electric power.

The center will serve as an independent research facility for technology developers and project engineers to implement, test and refine pilot-scale technology designs in a cost-effective manner.



The announcement lists "human and agricultural wastes, waste biomass, energy crops, coal, and others" as the "non-petroleum carbon resources". That's mighty broad. With so much work already devoted to energy crops and coal, I'd like to see emphasis on waste streams. Commercial ventures in this area, such as CWT are not making much progress.

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