ABAT Delivers First 200 of 3,000 Li-Ion Polymer Packs for Beijing Garbage Trucks
Japanese Prime Minister Calls for 50% Cut in Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050

Toronto Launches Plug-in Hybrid Program

The Star. Toronto, Ontario Mayor David Miller has announced a project to prove that plug-in hybrid electric vehicles can operate in an urban setting on a single charge for more than 50 kilometers (31 miles) with little need for gasoline.

During the first phase of the Toronto Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Pilot Project, 10 vehicles—eight Toyota Priuses, one Honda Civic Hybrid, and one Ford Escape Hybrid—will be converted and driven for a year under urban driving conditions. The plan is to expand the project in 2008 to as many as 200 vehicles, contingent on funding.

Car-sharing network AutoShare; green electricity retailer Bullfrog Power; Toronto Hydro; the University of Toronto; York University; architecture firm TAS Designbuild; and the Ontario ministries of transportation and environment are contributing vehicles to the project.

Hymotion, recently acquired by A123 Systems, will do the retrofits and install battery packs based on A123’s cells.



Bravo! The more people showing some leadership the better. I didn't think the Civic was suitable for PHEV conversion.

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