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US Firm to Build $150M Ethanol Plant in Philippines

Philippine Star. E-Cane Fuel Corp. (ECF), a bioethanol company based in the US, is building a US$150-million fully-integrated sugarcane ethanol processing facility in Central Luzon.

The E-Cane executive said the amount is by far the biggest private investment by a US company in the Philippine biofuel industry....At present, E-Cane has bioethanol-related operations in Latin America and Columbia.

The proposed ethanol plant will have an annual capacity of 150 million liters (40 million gallons US). A portion of the output will be exported to Japan and Korea, but the majority is destined for the local market.

The construction of the plant, using Indian technology PARJ, started six months ago and is expected to go on full commercial operation by 2009.


I clicked on the link for the newspaper article and it wasn't there....any ideas? anyone?

John Schreiber

anyone have a good link or 2 regarding "Indian technology PARJ"


it is probably only slightly mis-spelt. Things do happen.

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