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Azure Dynamics Selects Maxwell Technologies’ Ultracapacitor Module For Hybrid Shuttle Bus Powertrains

Azure Dynamics Corporation has selected Maxwell’s BOOSTCAP 390-volt heavy transportation ultracapacitor module (HTM) as the energy storage and power delivery component for its latest hybrid shuttle bus powertrain. (Earlier post.)

The HTM 390 incorporates integrated balancing and monitoring capabilities and highly efficient internal cooling to enable it to sustain a continuous current of 200 amps with minimal temperature increase in high-temperature environments that are typical of heavy transportation applications.

The module has nominal capacitance of 17.8F and available energy of 282 Wh. The standard module is encased in a rugged, splash- and dust-proof, IP 65-compliant, aluminum chassis. Up to three modules may be linked in series to deliver a total of up to 1,170 volts.

Ultracapacitors’ rapid charge/discharge capabilities and low resistance makes them more efficient in recapturing regenerative braking energy, than battery-based systems. In certain applications, the combination of ultracapacitors’ long life and their regen efficiency translates into better lifecycle costs. The high annual mileage associated with shuttle bus service is one of those applications and we are pleased to be working with Maxwell to take advantage of this technology.

—Scott Harrison, Azure CEO

In May, Maxwell announced that it was collaborating with the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory on a research project to assemble and evaluate an integrated ultracapacitor/lithium-ion battery energy storage system for hybrid-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. (Earlier post.)

Maxwell HTM Series 390v
Nominal operating voltage [Vdc] 390V
Max. operating voltage [Vdc] 394V
Surge voltage [Vdc] 406V
Nominal capacitance [F] 17.8 F
Tolerance capacitance [%] +20%/-0%
DC Series resistance [mΩ] 65.0
Energy available [Wh] 282 Wh
Self discharge [% of initial V] 50%
Maximum continuous current [A] 150 A
Max current [A] 950 A
Cycles 390 to 62.5 Vdc [cycles] 1,000,000


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