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Enova to Develop Post Transmission Parallel Hybrid System with Asian OEM for NA Market

Enova Systems has entered into a partnership with a major unnamed Asia-based OEM to integrate and to test its proprietary Post Transmission Parallel Hybrid system. The system is targeted for integration and/or retrofit into North American delivered 2008 model year vehicles.

We are excited about the possibility to be the first North American Hybrid Drive System to be used by an Asia based Medium Truck OEM. Having already established relationships with First Auto Works (FAW), Tomoe and Hyundai, we are steadily making significant progress in Asia. We, along with our partner, are taking an aggressive approach to integrating vehicles with our Electric Drive System. These trucks are used in a wide range of applications including delivery and transport vehicles. We think Enova’s Post Transmission Parallel Hybrid System is ideal for both the production of new vehicles as well as the retrofit market for existing vehicles.

—Mike Staran, Enova Executive Vice President

Enova’s Post Transmission System is one in which the Electric Drive System is integrated behind the Transmission and is designed to be installed as a “drop in,” fully integrated turnkey fashion into an OEM production line, or retrofitted in post vehicle production in a modular, as-needed basis. Enova believes it will be able to develop a more convenient and suited system through collaboration with the OEM.


P Schager

What's really valuable about this is that it allows small manufacturers, customizers and retrofitters to get into the act on both hybrids and PHEVs, which keeps the big truckmakers from being able to pace the field. No need to wait for new model introductions, high-inertia companies or grudging efforts from companies that hope the call for hybrids will go away for the decade. And existing fleet is opened up to being raised in efficiency or curtailed in its smog output (PHEV version), so it's no commitment to pollution and oil dependence like it was. This dissipates reform phobia. It also deflates the reward for built-in obsolescence (foot-dragging) by making already-sold vehicles upgradeable to use a lot less fuel. The country will be more resilient come next oil shock while having a way to dampen it.



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