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Hertz Adding 3,400 Prius Hybrids to US Rental Fleet

Hertz is adding 3,400 Prius hybrids to its Green Collection of rental cars.

The hybrid vehicles will begin to arrive in Hertz’s fleet this month and will be available for rent at 50 major US airport locations, as well as in Manhattan, at a starting rate of $50 per weekend day.

One hundred of the new hybrid vehicles will be allocated specifically to the New York City fleet, including Manhattan Hourly Rentals, a program Hertz launched in April 2007. Hertz already rents hybrid vehicles throughout Europe: in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Hertz also announced that it is donating $1 million to the National Park Foundation and $250,000 to New York City environmental initiatives.

Competitor Avis told Bloomberg that is will add 1,000 Prius hybrids to its rental fleet, at a rate of $69.95/day, depending on location and time of year. Avis said the hybrids will be available in California, Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

Last week, Enterprise Rent-A-Car said that it already runs more than 3,000 hybrids in its fleet. Furthermore, it is deploying the 41,000 flex-fuel light-duty vehicles in its rental fleet in locations near E85 fueling stations to increase the chance that the vehicles will be run on the alternative fuel. Enterprise is also beginning to offer hourly rentals in select locations.



Glad to see they're rolling some out. In the mean time, every time I reserve a sub-compact car, I'm always "upgraded" to a car with worse mpg. It's really annoying.


These fleet purchases drive the bottom line on hybrids. One can only imagine what the PHEVs could pre-sell to the fleet market. Probably enough to offset at least a portion of the R&D.

Travis Rassat

I know what you mean stormv - I never thought getting an "upgrade" could be so unsatisfying.

The thing I like about this is that this will give more people an opportunity to drive hybrid cars. That's part of what I enjoy about renting a car - trying something different out and spending more than 15 minutes in it with the car salesman sitting next to me. Maybe after spending a week's vacation or business trip with one, people will realize that a hybrid isn't this weird thing you have to plug in and pedal and maybe they'll be more interested in buying one when the time comes.

This will also be a good test of the durability - not quite to the extent of the hybrid taxis in New York, but nonetheless these cars will potentially rack up quite a few miles relatively quickly.


the one thing i never got was why hybrids were more expensive. after all, they cost less to maintain, less to fill up with gas, and they bring in more money at the end of their "life" when they are traded in.

and yet they cost more to rent? wth?


Fortunately the Prius is not a small car and is quite roomy particularly when compared to the jokes most car rental places offer for economy.

Offering the Prius would only be an upgrade as its a different class of car.

Travis, Hybrids are more expensive as there is more R&D put into them as well as parts and pieces, all new technology has a premium for some time until it becomes scalable to a size where the cost is less when mass produced. Hybrids and electrics and the like are the next thing and will be common place in the next generation. As common as air bags are today as to 20 years ago. Once its standard technology and the costs incorporated into the car there will be no difference as there will be no choice. Like an air bag now days.

Max Reid

Thats nice,

I would love to rent 1 and travel. Its 42 mpg highway mileage is still too good for any mid-size car.

Ideally they should go to Taxis, since they may be driven 100 miles / day and it saves more gas in city.


Honda is due to market its new hydrogen fuel cell car this year. They've been testing a small fleet of them in California the past 2 yrs. Toyota and GM are also woking on a prototype of a fuel cell auto as well. Honda has extensive info on their successful efforts on their website

Gareth Crew

It's interesting that the current Oil crisis is prompting the big hitters to change tact. I always thought that it would take such a substantial rise in Oil prices to make a sea change.

I think that people will only go green with a minimum of effort and it's up to the car industry (like the spray can industry in the late 80s) to come up with the solution that doesn't really affect the user.


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