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India Accelerating Work with Bio-Methane

India’s  Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is implementing an “Accelerated Program on Energy Recovery from Urban Wastes” which provides support for setting up of projects for generation of fuel or power from urban wastes, including utilization of bio-methane available at the existing treatment plants based on anaerobic processes.

With increasing use of natural gas (methane) in Indian cities for industrial, domestic and transportation applications, the government is interested in upgrading and compressing bio-methane and feeding it into natural gas delivery systems for use as fuel.

The Ministry currently has a tender open for few full-scale demonstration projects based on the technologies commercially available worldwide for upgrading bio-methane for feeding into the Natural Gas Supply Network.


Brent Pieczynski

There is plenty of untapped greenhouse-gass in need of burning, this is a quality answer to the difficulty. The world has green-house gasses, to burn.


They can follow the Swedes and their waste biomass to bio-methane program. Sweden is projected to be self-sufficient in CH4 by 2015. Hope India could replicate this, otherwise they will have to go through with trans Pakistan/Iran gas pipeline plans to quench their mushrooming energy needs.


The true un-tapped resource evident here is the intellectual capital being unleashed.Millions of engineeres,biologists etc are going to be graduating from Indian and Chinese universities.How do you measure their contributions in the near and far future.
I dont have a specific yardstick but I project that there will be quantum leaps in science due to a tsunami of educated and newly motivated populace.I try to see much of the technical posts here through x factor glasses taking such unseen ingredients into account.

Max Reid

After Germany and Sweden, India joins this Bio-Methane group. Hope other countries will join.

Now there are 3 sources in the Bio group. Bio-Ethanol, Bio-Diesel and Bio-Methane. I guess Bio-Methane can have far better potential, since it can use the existing Natural gas pipelines and LNG ships.

Also there are 6.1 million CNG powered vehicles.
South Koreans are building 70 LNG powered ships.


I saw a story about a German farmer that grew grass for a digester that makes methane.

The farmer was able to get a loan to put in the equipment, because the German government gave her a 20 price contract for the methane.


Previous post should say "20 year", but it shows what government can do to help things along and make Germany less dependent on imported NG.

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