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New US Organization to Promote Biofuel Use

A new national association called The American Biofuels Council (ABC) has formed to advance the uses of alternative fuels and other products derived from biomass derivatives, by promoting research, development and education on the use of biofuels.

ABC says that tt will bring information to consumers, enterprises and local governments, and, in turn, represent the grassroots at the national level.

ABC defines biofuels are solid, liquid or gas fuels derived from biomass, recently living organisms or their metabolic byproducts such as manure.


P Schager

I hope they don't focus their support just on the status quo big business biofuels, but try to promote the field in the abstract best by supporting dark horse candidates and undeveloped fuels. Biosourced natural gas, propane and DME all have a lot of potential if global warming is the target, but are not being pursued much now because the fossil fuel direct competition is still cheap or potentially cheap.

Also, the site says that biofuels are virtually carbon neutral; this still needs to be made true for the biggest one (ethanol). I hope they'll advance that effort, which will then advance the whole field. Start with solar distillation. Then at least all the biofuel supporters (like the farm community) will be ready for a carbon tax. And when that comes ABC's field will take off.

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