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Oslo to Put 18 Scania Ethanol Buses into Service

The Norwegian public transport company AS Oslo Sporveier will put 18 new Scania ethanol buses into service in Oslo in March 2008.

The Scania ethanol bus uses 95% ethanol with 5% ignition improver in a modified diesel engine. To use the E95 blend in the diesel engine, Scania raises the compression ratio from 18:1 to 28:1, adds larger fuel injection nozzles, and alters the injection timing. (Earlier post.)

Stockholm has more than 15 years of operating experience with Scania ethanol buses. According to the company’s calculations, its 18 ethanol buses will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Oslo by 600 tonnes per year.

As the only manufacturer of ethanol buses, Scania has begun to supply such buses for testing by public transport systems in Great Britain, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain and China.

The net effect of ethanol depends on how the fuel is produced.


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