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Gulf Times. Qatar, the site of Oryx GTL, the world’s largest gas-to-liquids project, has no plans to use GTL fuel in the local market.

“No, we are not planning to take GTL on a massive commercial scale in Qatar now. It is expensive now. Also, it cannot be used alone. It needs blending,” [Qatar Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Industry, Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah]  said.

Al-Attiyah said GTL projects in Qatar had always targeted the international market.

The US$1bn Oryx GTL is a joint venture between QP (51%) and Sasol (49%) and will have a production capacity of 34,000 barrels per day (bpd) of liquids. (Earlier post.) This will comprise about 24,000 bpd of synthetic diesel, 9,000 bpd of naphtha and 1,000 bpd of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).


Max Reid

GTL is an expensive concept and its much easier to use in LNG or CNG form.

Recently Qatar overtook Indonesia to become the Worlds #1 LNG supplier. After all, they are #3 in worldwide Nat-gas reserves.

Ideally they should convert all their private vehicles to run on CNG and public vehicles (like buses, trucks & ships) to run on LNG.

That will be a good promotion of the fuel they have.

Robert Schwartz

GTL must be encouraged so that gas from remote oil wells is used rather than flared off. Flare offs and coal mine fires are two completely non productive sources of CO2 that should be stopped before we limit more productive uses of these resources.


Can GTL be done on a scale small enough to be transportable?


It may be cheaper and easier to transport natural gas as clathrate (CH4 bound up with water as a crystal).  All you'd need is a refrigerated ship to move it, and the equipment at either end would be much cheaper than for LNG or GTL.

John Baldwin

In Nigeria, there was no LNG produced prior to year 1999. This year there wil be around 20 million tonnes of it exported to Europe and US, worth around $10 billion. Not bad for a product that was flared as a free by-product of oil production. There remains huge opportunities for LNG, 3 new massive LNG facilities being planned which will more than double this....all gas that was flared!

Why spend 3 x the LNG capex to have GTL? No point at all.



E-P: doesn't clathrate also require preasure to remain solid?

John Baldwin

LNG is a simple technology, relatively low cost (basicallly build a big fridge), proven, easy, safe....why mess around with GTL or methane hydrates?


No, Neil.  The clathrate is stable at atmospheric pressure if you get it cold enough (well below freezing).  You would have to form the clathrate at higher temperatures and pressures, but after separating it from the water you could cool it further.

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