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Railpower Asks Clients to Cease Operating Green Goats; Recalls 59 Green Kids

Following a fire in a Gen I Green Goat, Railpower Technologies is asking its clients to temporarily cease operating its GG-series (Green Goat) hybrid yard switcher locomotives. (Earlier post.)

As a precaution, the Company is recalling 59 units from the GG-series (Green Kids, Generation I, II and III models).

All affected customers are being notified of the recall immediately. This represents Railpower’s initial product line. The Company’s new product, the Road Switcher fleet of more than 100 vehicles, in operation or on order, is unaffected by this recall.

The Company’s recall follows a fire in a Generation I Green Goat locomotive on the evening of 30 May 2007. Railpower is undertaking an in-depth analysis of the cause of the fire in Generation I and II GG-series locomotives in order to determine temporary and permanent solutions.

For Generation III Green Goat locomotives, the Company has just completed an in-depth study of any potential difficulties that could affect this fleet and believes these can be remedied within a matter of weeks. It will install a new version of software for battery pack monitoring and implement some mechanical improvements for additional protection.



that's too bad, they really can't get these babies out fast enough and it def gives them a bad rap with this track record.
hope they figure out and resolve the problem asap.


Good luck to Railpower on figuring out the problem. The GG is a neat product well suited to it's role.


Same thing happened with the EV1. Where are they now? Crushed. GM spent billions developing that vehicle. Did it buy them any good will in the end? Nope.

People, or companies, will embrace electric or hybrid products when they prove themselves to be as reliable and economical to operate as a conventional technology product. Being first to market means nothing, especially if you sell an unreliable product. Just look at all the first-to-market companies that disappeared from the market a few years later: Dumont(televisions), Visicalc (spreadsheets), Ampex (video recorders).

You need to be the best, not the first. Railpower just did themselves irrepairable harm. It takes years to build a quality reputation. But it only takes one bad marketing decision to ruin it.


RailPower has failed for long time to take product safety and product quality seriously. They have repeatedly sacrificed safety and quality on the altar of short-term profitability.

RailPower's investors do not have the vision or the patience to invest properly in this important evolutionary technology.

This is just one more indication that Americans have lost the will to pioneer.

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