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RIDE Electric 3-Wheeler in Trade Mission to Canada

As part of a 50-company California delegation in the recent trade mission to Canada, RideVehicles LLC, a zero emission vehicle company, demonstrated the battery-electric RIDE standup 3-wheeler to several Canadian government officials and business leaders.

The Governor checks out the RIDE.

California Governor Schwarzenegger’s trip to Canada, during which he signed climate change agreements including the adoption of the Low-Carbon Fuel Standard with British Columbia and Ontario, was part of a California trade mission highlighting clean technology companies.

The RIDE 3-wheeler uses a 1.5 kW, 48V brushless DC permanent magnet motor and offers a top speed of 18 mph (25 mph optional). The base vehicle uses an AGM lead-acid battery pack which supports a 20-mile range. An optional li-ion battery pack boosts the range to 50 miles at half the weight of the AGM pack.

A quick-change extra battery pack allows for continuous operation. The RIDE can recharge at any 110V outlet. Handlebars fold down for transport—the RIDE can fit in the back of an SUV.

RideVehicles is targeting the RIDE to law enforcement, military and industrial applications.


Max Reid

As Hybrid sales gain, sales of EV's will also follow.

May-2007 Hybrid sales in US.

Prius 24,009
Camry-H 6,853
Highlander-H 3,312

RX400h 1,746
GS450h 181
Toyota Total 36,101

Escape 2,680
Mariner 534
Ford Total 3,214

Total of 2 39,315

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