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Solazyme and Imperium Renewables Enter Algal Oil Feedstock Agreement for Biodiesel Production

Solazyme, an algal biotechnology company, and Imperium Renewables have entered into a biodiesel feedstock development agreement in which Solazyme will generate algal oil for Imperium’s biodiesel production process.

Under the agreement, Solazyme will grow its proprietary strains of microalgae, extract the oil, and deliver it to Imperium. Imperium will convert the feedstock oil using its proprietary technology into biodiesel fuel in its Seattle plant.

Imperium has publicly expressed interest in the opportunity for algal derived biodiesel for some time and we are pleased to work with them to make this a reality. This agreement not only demonstrates Imperium’s vision to seek out new and innovative sources of biodiesel feedstock but it also provides validation of demand for alternative sources of biodiesel feedstock as well as for our technology.

—Harrison Dillon, Solazyme CEO

Solazyme, founded in 2003, genetically engineers various species of algae to produce pharmaceuticals, chemicals and fuels. The company’s technology platform consists of several integrated methods and techniques: directed evolution; high-throughput robotic screening; proprietary techniques; and metabolic engineering. The company has increased its focus on biofuel development, and recently closed a round of funding. (Earlier post.)



Sorry for my english because i speak french...(BELGIUM) I don't believe, you 'American people', you drive 100% benzine and now you have the BIODIESEL ! In europe, we drive 85% DIESEL (For the money and the pollution) and we can't try the BIODIESEL because it's not very sale in the gas station (IN SWEDEN YES) or it's illegal in many country like the BELGIUM (Just for a problem the TAXE) !!! I see 'IMPERIUM RENEWABLES' on... 'PIMP MY RIDE - WEST COAST CUSTOM, MTV) ! Good Luck and Long Life for your Clean Business...


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Today Sir Richard Branson went on record for not only achieving the first commercial aircraft to fly on biofuel jet fuel mix, he also made statements to the effect that he does not wish to use biofuels that were derived by taking food off the table. He is leaning toward algae biofuel, if it can be produced properly. Well here is the rub. Virgin Atlantic is in partnership with Boeing (a 747 was used for the first biofuel flight), GE and Imperium Renewable. Imperium supplied the biofuel produced from coconuts and babassu oil for the flight. These are food products. So, Imperium just signed an agreement with Zolazyme to have Solazyme supply algae feedstock for Imperium to process into biofuel for the market. Back to square one. Solazyme is using sugar, like from sugar cane, to produce their algae. That is a big food item, taken off of the dinner table, to make biofuel. Plus, it takes allot of resources to grow and transport sugar cane and then, reprocess it back into fuel. When will we ever learn? Valcent Products uses lots of free sunshine, lots of recycled carbon, and a little bit of water, to produce 33,000 gallons of algae biodiesel, per acre per year.

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