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Executive Chauffeur Fleet in UK Switches to Lexus Luxury Hybrids

Toyota More Than Doubles US Sales of Hybrids in May

Toyota total US hybrid sales by month. Click to enlarge.

Toyota posted record sales of hybrids in the US in May 2007, with 36,101 units sold, up 110% on an unadjusted basis (total units sold, not adjusted to a day sales rate) from May 2006. The increase is based entirely on sales of the Prius and Camry Hybrid.

The Prius posted 24,009 units sold—the model’s highest monthly sales yet and almost triple the figure from May 2006. This represents 66.5% of all Toyota hybrids sold in the month. The Camry Hybrid also set a sales record of 6,853 units in May, up 126% from May 2006. The Camry Hybrid has been on the market since April 2006.

Toyota hybrid sales by model. Click to enlarge.

Other results for May included 3,312 Highlander Hybrids (down 12% from May 2006); 1,746 Lexus Rx 400h units (down 13% from May 2006); and 181 GS 450h units (down 38% from May 2006).

Overall, Toyota’s calendar-year-to-date US hybrid sales have totaled 119,154 units, an increase of 75% over the same period last year. Although GM doesn’t yet release its numbers, the combined hybrid sales from Toyota, Honda, Ford and Nissan already account for 45,095 units, which by themselves account for 2.9% of new vehicle sales in May—the highest percentage yet.

Totoal US light-duty vehicle sales increased 5% in May 2007 compared to the prior year, according to Autodata. Sales of passenger cars increased 6.1%, while sales of light-duty trucks increased 3.9%.


Max Reid


I think all 4 companies - Toyota, Honda, Ford & Nissan have broken
their previous records.

With this, Hybrids have gained more than 3 % market share, assuming
overall vehicle sales is around 1.4 million.

Prius 24,009
Camry-H 6,853
Highlander-H 3,312

RX400h 1,746
GS450h 181
Toyota Total 36,101

Civic-H 4,520
Accord-H 439
Honda Total 4,959

Escape-H 2,680
Mariner-H 534
Ford Total 3,214

Altima 821

Grand Total 45,095

Prius is #6 selling model among cars. Top-5 are

and all but 1 of these vehicles are available in Hybrid
or flex fuel version. Alternative Fuelled Vehicles are gaining.

Another thing is GS430 which has same design as GS450h and V8 engine has sold only 8 units.
GS450h has taken the market share from GS430 and this model may be closed.

I guess it may be the same story between Camry Hybrid and Camry-V6.

Altima-H with V4 engine continues to lead ahead of Accord-H with V6 engine even though its sold only in 4 states.

Also the CUV's, CRV, Escape and RAV4 has taken the Top-3 slots among SUV sales.


Oh great! Why aren't Detroit automakers achieveing the same? Wait I know...because their "focus" is to build large useless SUVs...what a bunch of geniuses!



Right, I believe Bob Lutsz has said making cars with high CAFE rating is too costly. They are waiting until 2012 to jump back in. Meanwhile they are allowed to make cars with low CAFE ratings.


Just think of the position GM would be in now with the MK4 Ev1
had the useless bu**ers not crushed them and cancelled the program.
Still I bet all the Gm management are awarding themselves record
bonuses this year !


Detroit is pushing their own version of the new CAFE regs. This version would make them exempt from CAFE increases as long as they offer flex-fuel versions of the same 14mpg vehicles. You can't make this stuff up.


hampden wireless

I love Toyota. :)


Planck, that's mind boggling. They just don't seem to realize that if they want to survive, they need to change their strategy and focus on the new market, not the 1998 market.

I mean, catering to the SUV market is perfectly fine, but if people don't want your products anymore, it might be time to change priorities to capture the new market.

What GM is doing is like a buggy maker pushing for lower taxes on horses if they eat one food instead of another. It's not the CAFE that's the problem, it's the fact that they're focusing on a sector who's time has passed for the foreseeable future and which is bleeding them dry because of collapsing sales.

Lou Grinzo

Aaron: Sure, laugh all you want, but when the US companies add humongous tail fins to the SUV's it will be a whole different story.


GM's overall sales figures for May rose, with Saturn registering a year-over-year increase of 69%. GM rose overall as well. Some numbers over at Autoblog.

GM is doing something right with Saturn, that much is certain. I imagine the Aura is selling very well.


Cervus. Agreed. The Aura is very nice and the Vue is too. Their new small car, here or due soon, looks good in specs and pictures.

I looked carefully at the Aura in January but bought a used car instead. I may buy something new when the 2008s are here.

There are some GM bright spots but on balance they have real problems in the US. But when you consider job security at Ford and Chrysler.....

I understand the Ford is profitable in the EU, and GM is doing extremely well in the booming Chinese market.


Here's a fun quote from Bob "The Putz" Lutz

GM executive Lutz argues critically acclaimed hybrid compacts like Toyota Prius are bad business.


The US automakers are so in bed with big oil they will fight CAFE and anything else that has us consuming less gas. Thankfully the Japanese aren't completely in the same boat and can at least innovate to a greater degree. Cleaner more efficient technology has been with us for decades, big oil just has a lot of muscle to make sure it has to fight to see the light of day. So many great minds and ideas being crushed by those in charge. http://freeenergynews.com/ . Peace.

Max Reid

Hello DS

The article you sent belongs to 2004 (3 years ago). But things have changed and even Bob Lutz agrees that Hybrids are good business.

Even though GM sells Aura & Vue Hybrid, they dont disclose the #.

Gone were the days, when people said Hybrids were not mainstream. Now Prius outsells many longtime brands like Altima, Malibu, Sebring, etc.

I think Accord may be the next target for Prius to overtake.

Max Reid

All these days, automakers slept with big oil and got beaten when high gas prices took away their sales & profits.

They have split now, thats why Big-3 auto companies are concentrating on Flex fuel and Japanese Big-3 are concentrating on Hybrids.

Even oil companies like BP & Shell are working on Solar & Wind.

Another interesting fact here is that the CUV's are grabbing sales from SUV's. Many SUV's like Explorer, Sequoia, Trailblazer, Hummer-H2's sales are down.


The article you sent belongs to 2004
GM have been pissing on Hybrids and promoting the Fool-Cell BS since Toyota introduced the Prius in 1997.
They didn't suddenly see the light, this has been a deliberate effort to thwart any meanful increase in CAFE.
They do it because they admitted that they can't compete with Toyota & Honda.

BTW Aura & Vue are Hybrid in the same way that Madonna is a virgin.

Max Reid

There is a silver lining here.
All Hybrids that had sales increase (Prius, Camry, Altima, Escape, Mariner, Civic) have V4 engines and the rest with V6 engines suffered sales declines.

Similarly many Toyota's models like Sequoia, 4-Runner, Sienna suffered sales declines though Tundra was an exception.


Papa don't preach ;)


DS a V4? As far as I know no such beast has ever been made. I4 and boxer4s are the only configuration I have ever seen or worked on. And as for the fools who mock the mild hybrids who cares, so long as increased milage is achieved.


Saab had a Ford V4 in the early 70s...did not last long tho.


In england it was nicknamed the "boil up four"!


Max Reid:

" I guess it may be the same story between Camry Hybrid and Camry-V6."

Really? Wht are the numbers?


"The Prius posted 24,009 units sold"

1. too small, very little truck space.
2. mediocre MPGs
3. too heavy.
4. horrible 0-60, way under powered.
5. too expensive, buyers will never recover extra cost.

good points on prius:
1. is that it will limit family size.
2. no family trips can be taken using this car bc no space to carry luggage...
3. will save on a families carbon foot print bc they'll need to kill off .3 of their children...

way to go toyota!!!


Majeasy: unfortunately Consumers Reports screwed up when they did an article about the cost vs. the returns for hybrid cars and SUVs. When doing their calculations they included the additional up front cost and depreciation when calculating the costs of the car. Effectively counting the extra cost twice. That threw the calculations way off and lead to their splashing big headlines across their cover that hybrids don't pay for themselves. That's what everyone remembers. Not many people would notice the retraction they buried on page 10 in fine print. The calculations were also done before the price of gas went through the roof. Bottom line is that buyers do recover the extra cost under typical conditions, and very quickly if you're running a taxi.

John Schreiber


You think a Prius is too expensive? Not compared to GM's lite hybrids.

C. Spangenberg

If you could build in the year 2000 a car as big and more flexible as the Prius2 ( the Audi A2 1.2 is 390/1140 Liter and the Prius2 408/1210 ) and safe with better fuel usage ( 81 G CO2 / 100 KM against 104 for the Prius2 ) w i t h o u t Hybrid so where is the Progress in efficiency with Toyotas way of building Hybrids ???

C. Spangenberg

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