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Utah Governor Converting to Natural Gas Vehicle; More Vehicles May Follow

Salt Lake Tribune. Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. is converting his 2005 Chevrolet Suburban to run on natural gas.

The governor is paying for the $10,000 - $15,000 expense himself, and said it was both a protest vote against high gasoline taxes and a small contribution to improving air quality.

It also raises the prospect that the state soon may consider converting more of its substantial fleet of automobiles and trucks to run on the clean-burning fuel. Only about 123 of the state’s 7,300 vehicles run on natural gas. “Natural gas and other alternative fuels are things we’re always looking at,” said Sam Lee, deputy director of fleet operations for the state. “And the governor has made it very clear expanding the use of alternative fuels [ethanol, biodiesel or natural gas] is one of his priorities.”

Utah has one of the best CNG filling station infrastructures in the nation with 25 public refueling sites from St. George to Logan. Two more facilities, one in Bountiful and another in Brigham City, are due to go on line by the end of the year. There are another 75 privately operated refueling stations.



I would like a dual fuel hybrid. CNG for local and flex fuel for longer trips. Make it PHEV and I can run on electric around town. This would have to reduce our foreign oil imports, if enough people did this.


It sounds so wonderful, I know. But as a user of CNG dedicated and CNG bi-fuel vehicles I can tell you that you'd have a hard time finding a *place* for a battery once you outfit the CNG tanks- much less a place that left you with usable space for luggage after that. CNG tanks that are large enough to be useful are absolutely enormous.


The Honda Civic GX CNG sedan manages 150 mile range and room for luggage. It is also the cleanest ICE vehicle in production.

People would say that we will face a shortage of NG soon. This is true, but if we use solar thermal for home and building heating, we can save enough for cars. If we start to make biomethane and gasify for SNG we can use biomass.


I smile big when refueling my Bi-Fuel Cavalier. It costs 0.73\gallon. Yes, that's right about 3 bucks to fill up. Come on folks go CNG. can help you discover how much money you could save buy going CNG. CNG vehicles burn much cleaner than gasoline, require less maintenance, cost less to fill up, and can last significantly longer. Additionally there is possible $3,000 tax credit on your vehicle purchase. You could refuel at home, but it would be nice to have more CNG refueling stations along the Wasatch Front.
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Can anyone tell me who in Utah does the conversion to CNG?



marcia saltz

Does someone know if I can convert my 4runner to CNG?

Rob F

Phill is the world's first appliance that lets you refuel your Natural Gas Vehicle indoors or outdoors from your household natural gas line!

Utah Fueling Stations:

Just some basic information:


Does anyone know if you can convert a flexfuel car into a CNG dual fuel? I have a friend who owns a Tahoe Flexfuel and would like to convert it to CNG.

robert petersen

there is a station 800 N Orem by I-15

robert j petersen

I don 't understand the complaint that we are running out of NG? We are supposed to have a 60-300 year supply. T.BOone Pickens is putting in a $2billion wind farm so as to reduce the need for NG power plants so that the NG can be used for vehicles. No doubt natural gas is the answer for the near term the next 5 years or so. After that environmentalists may be able to rest easy as sea algae farms will be going strong. They will produce sufficient oil to replace half the world uses in 10 years and eventually all. Oil producing bacteria may be a factor too. That's what they say.

zen cars

ZAP early on, introduced the fastest production electric car in the country, a three- wheeler called the Xebra that can hit 40 miles per hour. By the end of next year, ZAP will introduce the Obvio , a pint- size Brazilian import that will be the nation’ s first commercial car to run on 100 percent ethanol, followed by a Lotus Engineering electric SUV[ the ZAP- X] that will top 155mph. We spoke with Schneider about his thriving eco- dealership and his ambitious vision of a green automobile for every driver in America.

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