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VW Introduces Taxi Version of Touran EcoFuel

Volkswagen has introduced a taxi version of the Touran EcoFuel natural gas MPV.

Touran EcoFuel taxis.

The Touran EcoFuel is driven by a 80 kW / 109 hp four-cylinder engine configured as a “quasi-monovalent” natural gas power plant so it can also be driven with gasoline. During exclusive gas operation, the range is approximately 310 kilometers (193 miles).

On average, the natural gas Touran consumes 5.8 kg of natural gas every 100 kilometers. With current fuel pricing, a “natural gas kilometer” is about half the cost of a “gasoline kilometer.”

(A hat-tip to John!)


John Baldwin

Lets have these in London, low emissions, low CO2.

Get them painted black and into UK, asap!


Dear VW, we north americans badly need a TDI mini-van. Something smaller than a Sprinter that gets 35mpg or better on the highway. Now is your chance before the asians wipe out your diesel marketshare in '09. Thank you.


Second that request for a tdi mini van from VW.

Dean D

When are your vw diesel's coming back to the USA. I would rather buy another tdi VW than a hundai or a mercede smart car. Hurry Back.


You have to wait until VW has introduced the right exhaust gas after treatment system in their TDI line up.

Bike Commuter Dude

Diesel VW minivan = something I would certainly purchase.


Yes, I was looking at the VW Mexico page and I see they offer many more models including a TDI EuroVan (T5?) with 105hp for about $26k. Lucky!


I am ready to buy TDI minivan even if i could import it from Mexico. There are no miivans in the USA with decent gas mileage

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