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Cat 4 Cyclone Gonu Bearing Down on Oman



With gas at $7.27 per US gallon (see here), no wonder the Brits are buying more hybrids :)


...thanks to Ken!

Max Reid

Few years ago, Britain was an Oil exporting country, now they are importing Oil as the North sea oil fields have depleted.

This must have increased their gas prices sharply.

Hybrid Taxis should be ideal for a city like London especially with their Black Taxi's being big and may guzzle lot of fuel because of it poor aerodynamic design.

London should take a lesson from New York in trying to convert the complete fleet to Hybrids.


I read that a few years ago, they were selling less than a dozen per year in London. I could not figure that out, with the price of fuel being what it is, except for the fact that the average driver in London drives less miles per year than someone in L.A.


Max, the fact that now import oil has nothing to do with the price of gasoline here.

You've obviously got no idea how international oil markets work...

Second, most folk over here can count, and have worked out that Piouses don't save money. They are simply for vanity, at least that was the case until Red Ken (mayor of London) gave them an exemption from the crippling congenstion tax in the centre of London.
That's where most are sold.

In the UK there are plenty of vehicles that have much lower monthly payments than a Pious and still get within 10% of the fuel economy. So you certainly don't buy one to save money.


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