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ADM to Enter Brazilian Sugarcane Ethanol Market

ZAP Developing Second High-Performance Electric Vehicle

ZAP is launching a new development program for a second higher-performance electric vehicle, which will have a targeted price of $30,000.

ZAP says the technology for the new vehicle is similar to that of its electric crossover ZAP-X, announced earlier this year (earlier post), but will be available sooner.

The vehicle will offer a top speed will be in excess of 100 mph and a range of 100 miles per charge. ZAP CEO Steve Schneider will present more details of the vehicle at the annual shareholder meeting, 29 July.



When will GreenCarCongress, AutoblogGreen, and the others stop posting ZAP's BS? Everyone in the industry knows that this company is full of it. They have burned every legitimate supplier and distributor. Their treachery has even made it into Forbes.

How much longer will they be allowed to continue unpunished?


I'm not impressed with anything ZAP has done so far,
(I've seen the YouTube video of their sales room & their
'car' models), their products looking like home garage
projects. Absolute junk. I'll believe it after 3rd
parties have seen it & tested it; 'til then, it's smoke & mirrors.


this company is doing so much damage to the potental future
of pure EV´s with its continued boasting of far fetched products
that have no hope of seeing the light of day , that one might think
that the company was run by the big three to discredit the entire
EV movement !
I also saw the You Tube video and was less than impressed

Gerald Shields

I don't know. The ZapX seems feasible though it hasn't shipped.

Gerald Shields

To comment further: The quick recharge battery technology is available from Altairnano and the wheel motors are available from PML Flightlink.


Was said earlier
>"their products looking like home garage
projects. Absolute junk.

I would agree with most of the previous comments here except this one.

My home garage project is much higher quality than anything ZAP has ever sold. So far I have over 500 miles of trouble free EV driving on my motorcycle. I resent the snind remark comparing my project to the ZAP company. :) :)

Long story short I have seen some very HIGH quality projects done by individuals, so I get a good laugh out of the ZAP three wheeled things.

On a serious note ZAP does over promise and under deliver. I really hope this time they prove me wrong.

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