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All Guangzhou Buses and Taxis to be LPG-Fueled by 2010; Largest LPG Fleet in World

People’s Daily. Guangzhou, China, the host of the 2010 Asian Games, will have all its buses and taxis running on LPG by 2010.

Eight-five percent the city’s buses and taxis (6,500 and 16,000 respectively) are already converted to LPG. The city now has the most LPG-fueled vehicles in the world.

The city will also continue push for decreases in fuel consumption, according to Xian Weixiong, director of Guangzhou communications commission. Guangzhou’s fuel consumption target for LPG is 62 l/100km for buses and 12 l/100km for taxis by the year 2010.

Statistics show the city’s buses used 65 liters of LPG per 100 km last year, compared to 83 liters in 2003. Taxis used 13.2 liters of LPG per 100 km compared to 16.6 liters for the same period. Total LPG consumption for buses last year was 29.21 million liters less than 2005, a saving of 100 million yuan ($13.16 million).


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