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Electro Energy to Provide Hybrid APUs to Trucking Industry

Electro Energy Inc., a provider of advanced battery technologies and associated systems, is licensing hybrid auxiliary power unit (Hybrid APU) technology from Enertek Corporation.

The Hybrid APU is a self-contained, stand-alone diesel-powered, electrical power generation unit (the Gen-a-Sys Q) that utilizes a proprietary battery-based hybrid operating system designed to supply standby power to the commercial trucking industry.

The Gen-a-Sys system provides continuous electric power of up to 5,000 watts of electricity with the APU engine running and 3,000 watts when the APU engine is off.

The Gen-a-Sys Q operates appliances such as engine prewarmers, air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators, microwave ovens and televisions in diesel Class 8 trucks during federally mandated daily rest periods and to comply with state anti-idling regulations.

This Hybrid APU technology is also capable of providing power for refrigeration trailers of all types and sizes (the eGen-a-Sys).

Electro Energy is expected to be the sole supplier of battery systems—using its NiMH and Li-ion technologies and management systems—for the APUs. The company will market the Gen-a-Sys Q and eGen-a-Sys Hybrid APUs initially to the North American market.

Many states now have commercial truck anti-idling regulations and beginning January 1, 2008 any Class 8 truck entering the State of California will be required to have an anti-idling device installed. The Gen-a-Sys Q and eGen-a-Sys systems power the truck hotel loads resulting in reduced exhaust emissions, noise and fuel expense compared to idling the truck engine. Electro Energy’s advanced battery technology will reduce the weight of these systems and enable greater freight loading and revenue potential for truck operators.

—Michael Reed, Electro Energy President and CEO


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