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Ford and Southern California Edison to Announce PHEV Collaboration

6 July 2007

On Monday, 9 July, Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally and Edison International Chairman and CEO John Bryson will announce a joint electric transportation initiative designed to explore ways to advance plug-in hybrid technology for the US market.

Edison International is the parent company of Southern California Edison.

This will be the first time a major automaker and a large electricity utility have combined resources to study ways to make plug-in hybrid technology more accessible for all customers.

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We're all waiting to see what they announce...I took a shot at a Dream PHEV Headline by Ford/Edison Monday (see URL for background):

Ford/Edison Offer Cash-Back Hybrids to Fleets

Ford announces it will make available in the coming months hundreds of Ford Escape [or other model] PHEVs for testing in vehicle-to-grid (V2G) experiments and evaluation of everyday driving use, by SCE, the US National Labs, Pacific Gas & Electric, Austin Energy, King County, Google, and the other consortia and companies that want to prove out PHEV performance and begin integrating transportation and power generation. The company announces a fast-track timetable for mass-produced PHEVs. And it commits to support legislation now under consideration in the House and Senate to incentivize producers and buyers of PHEVs.

Thanks for the additional info Felix. I sure hope tomorrow is Christmas in July.

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