GSA Adds 55 Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid Sedans to Federal Fleet
Audi Introduces New 1.4-Liter TFSI Engine in the Audi A3

Global Auto Industry Produced Record 67 Million Vehicles in 2006

The world’s auto manufacturers produced a record 67 million new vehicles in 2006, according to a new Vital Signs Update from the Worldwatch Institute.

While global production grew 4% last year, China increased its production by nearly 30%, overtaking Germany to become the third largest producer.

China’s rise represents the most dramatic change in the world auto industry, with production there more than quintupling in the last decade. Sales within China surpassed the 3 million mark in 2005, with nearly 9 million passenger cars on the country’s roads. While this is still a comparatively small fleet, it is likely to grow rapidly in coming years, and China is expected to become a major exporter within the next four years.

America’s car addiction is becoming a global phenomenon with no sign of reversing.

With more cars on the road year after year, regulating auto fuel consumption and emissions alone is not a solution. What is truly needed is a transportation revolution. Cities from Bogotá to London are decreasing their dependence on cars, and many more cities could follow their example. We need denser cities with better land-use practices and a commitment to public transportation.

—Michael Renner, Worldwatch Senior Researcher


At the current rate, China may produce as many (or more) cars than USA, (between 15 and 20 million a year), by 2011/12 and probably export about half of them.

Let's hope that many (50% ?) will be small high efficiency hybrids, PHEVs and/or BEVs.

It looks like the first affordable PHEVs and BEVs (like affordable large LCD HDTVs) may come from China. Wonder how the Japanese, European, American-Canadian and Korean car industries will react.

Max Reid

Significant thing is among this 67 million, atleast 1 million may be CNG powered, 3 million are Flexfuelled.

So alternatives are gaining fast.

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