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GreenDepot and Marjam Converting Truck Fleets to B20

Brooklyn-based GreenDepot, a national supplier of green building materials, and its parent company Marjam Supply, the leading building materials distributor in the Northeast, are switching their fleets to B20 biodiesel.

GreenDepot and Marjam will have the first private fleets in New York City to use biodiesel. The transition began on Wednesday with the fueling of 28 trucks from the Brooklyn fleet. After an initial testing period in New York is proven successful, the companies will transition the remainder of their fleet (500 vehicles in 16 locations).

Tri-State Biodiesel, a Red-Hook based agency that collects, converts and processes waste vegetable oil from local businesses into biodiesel, is supplying the fuel.

Separately, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, in Waterbury, Vermont, announced Tuesday that it will use B20 biodiesel in all of its Waterbury-based route trucks and facilities vehicles.



If everyone starts doing this, they're going to need a lot more than waste oil. What's the current availability and cost of biodiesel nationwide?


I think the idea here is that there is no "Silver-Bullet" for alternative energy stocks. It will invariably have to come from a conglomeration of alternatives that supports our huge energy needs, (which could also do with some curbing to reduce energy use.)

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