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GSA Adds 55 Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid Sedans to Federal Fleet

19 July 2007

The US General Services Administration (GSA) has purchased 55 Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid sedans (earlier post) for its fleet.

GSA bought these vehicles as part of our effort to provide a selection of the latest model hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles to the federal community.

—Lurita Doan, GSA Administrator

GSA will lease 43 of the hybrids to the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy, and to the Departments of Transportation, Interior, Energy and Commerce, the Environmental Protection Agency and National Space and Aeronautics Administration. The other 12 will remain in the GSA fleet, for agency use and to use as demonstration models during sales presentations to federal customers.

In addition to purchasing the Saturns, GSA also purchased more than 24,000 alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) for federal customers this year. In total, GSA has purchased more than 140,000 AFVs and hybrids since 1991.

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This merits a press release? The $2Trillion US government bought 55 vehicles that list for $25,000?

We do have such a long way to go. How about 55,000 hybrids and EVs for US government use?

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