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Honda To Make V-6 Low-Emission Diesel Engine for North America By 2010

The Nikkei reports that Honda will develop a V-6 low-emission diesel engine for the North American market by 2010.

Honda currently has developed an inline-4 diesel engine for use in 2-liter-class passenger vehicles such as the Accord and CR-V. Vehicles using that engine—which will be Tier 2 Bin 5 compliant—will be sold in Japan and North America by 2009. (Earlier post.)

The automaker will now work to develop a V-6 engine that can be installed in 3.5-liter vehicles. This new engine is expected to first be used in the Odyssey minivan.

The engine will enable Honda to introduce diesel versions of large, high-end models in the North American market, such as the Pilot sport utility vehicle and the Ridgeline pickup truck. The automaker also plans to debut diesel versions of models for its luxury Acura line.



Yes! God willing, we'll be trading in our Sienna for an Odyssey in 2010. That should push us from an average 22mpg to maybe 27mpg.

As usual, where is Detroit? No, the minivan market is not dead; reference the sales numbers for the Sienna, Odyssey, and Chrysler products. GM and Ford have given up that market.


We love our 2000 Odyssey. Diesel (plus AWD since we moved to snow country) would make a great upgrade.

Bike Commuter Dude

This is awesome, I've been dying to know what they intended to use these engines for. Imagine a turbo diesel Acura MDX. Move over Lexus RX400h.


Word to my second fav auto mfg. TurboDs can be much smaller and still provide more-than-adequate power than petrols. The great torque band means Im shifting from 3rd to 5th or 2nd to 4th, no problem. With twin sequential Ts and automated manual trannies 4 & 5 cylinders should do. V6s double parts and complication with no power-to-weight gain.


what if any are the technological pitfalls to developing a Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) for the diesel to further increase mileage when all the torque is not needed? Do emissions increase? Is there a noise penalty? What about a selector button for "sport/economy" mode shifts that would electronically move shift points up or down the RPM scale as selected by the driver?

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