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Hyundai Motor India introduces CNG variant

Hyundai Motor India (HMI), the second largest passenger car manufacturer in India and its largest exporter of automobiles, added a dual-fuel gasoline-CNG variant to its Santro range.

The dual-fuel 1.1-liter engine cars are retrofit with a conversion kit from Minda Auto Gas Ltd. HMI has an exclusive arrangement with leading fitment specialist NGVI of Korea to retrofit the kits on the Santro model.

The CNG Santro has a manual selector switch, enabling the driver to switch from gasoline to CNG and vice versa. The on-board CNG cylinder has a capacity of approximately 12 kg.

Initially, HMI is launching the CNG Santro in Delhi. All Hyundai dealers in Delhi in collaboration with NGVI India are equipped to sell and service the CNG Santro. The CNG Santro has the same 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty as the standard model,  and there is an additional warranty for the same period on the CNG kit and fitment.


Max Reid

Indian market has been waiting for this product for long time.

It will help a lot to cut down the pollution of Delhi city and also India's oil imports.

India is World's 5th largest user of CNG vehicles.

samip lala

It's very excellecnt news. yes, i am interested to buy CNG model. I am from Surat (Gujarat) and very much interested.

Rema Warrier

I am from Thiruvananthapuram and would like to know when the CNG model will be available here.


I am also very much inteested to purchase CNG version Santro in surat. I am awaiting since 4th July2007 but here dealers are not giving any rsponce.

hitesh thaker

I am very much interested to purchase cng santro.can you say when it will launch in gujarat(anand)?


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Account Deleted

I am intersted to get fitted CNG Kit in my SANTRO Xying Aug. 2005 Model Petrol driven car. Kindly suggest me the Govt. approved dealer where it can be done.

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