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Johnson Controls to Show Concept Car at Frankfurt IAA; Plug-in Hybrid Battery Pack

At this year’s International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Johnson Controls will present a new concept car that, among other advanced technologies, will feature a plug-in hybrid battery.

A sketch of the Johnson Controls concept car. Click to enlarge.

Johnson Controls–Saft Advanced Power Solutions, LLC, a joint venture between Tier 1 automotive supplier Johnson Controls and Saft is one of two companies to which GM awarded advanced battery development contracts to design and test lithium-ion batteries for use in the Saturn Vue Green Line plug-in hybrid SUV. (The other company is A123Systems.) (Earlier post.)

The car will also showcase new seating and storage systems to improve utilization of space, a new instrument cluster and display system, and an interface solution to link mobile devices to the vehicle. The concept car fulfills the requirements of the 2015 ELV directive that stipulates 95% recyclability.



GM..Toyota..whoever. I don't get it. They all keep telling you how they are going to develop a PHEV battery but blah, blah, blah. Hey, they can buy one off the shelf today from Valence Technology and it won't even blow up...see for yourself here:


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