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Maxwell Ultracaps Cleared for Vehicle Applications in China

26 July 2007

Maxwell Technologies’ ultracapacitor products have been certified by the official testing agency of the People’s Republic of China for energy storage applications in vehicles.

The certification protocol included testing for electrical, mechanical, thermal, safety and lifetime performance.

The certification clears the way for Maxwell to market its BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor products to any manufacturer producing autos, trucks, buses or rail vehicles for the rapidly growing Chinese market.

It is our understanding that our BOOSTCAP products are the only ultracapacitors to have received this mandatory certification for transportation applications. We have already supplied BOOSTCAP products to several electric and hybrid-electric drive train and vehicle OEMs for design and development work, so this approval, along with the fact that our large cells and multi-cell modules are now being assembled by Belton Technology Group, our contract manufacturing partner in Shenzhen, China, gives us a significant head start on competitors that are targeting the Chinese market.

—David Schramm, Maxwell President and CEO

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So, who in Asia will make the power electronics for these vehicle applications?

There is a dearth of information on the SiC MOSFET circuitry that Denso used in their winning SARD Supra HV. The press kit says rapidly charging capacitor system rather than batteries, but nothing else.

Does one size fit all or would do the power electronics differ substantially between what goes in an e-bike and what goes in the Oshkosh ProPulse Hybrid Drive?

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