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NearBio Launches, Biofuel Route Wizard

Screen clip from the Route Wizard. Based on the green route line, the Route Wizard generates a table of station locations and payment data. Click to enlarge.

NearBio, the developer of the first alternative fuel locator for mobile devices and author of the daily-updated, verified, and 100% geocoded NearBiobiodiesel station database (earlier post), is introducing a free, daily-updated, individually-verified and 100% geocoded United States E85 station database, accessible from cell phones and mobile devices. enables mobile phone users (and computer users) to find the nearest E85 stations based on city, zip code, or GPS coordinates. The database currently has more than 1,000 locations and is complete with driving directions, hours, and payment options.

While on the road, cell phone users can access and retrieve the five nearest E85 fueling locations along with driving directions, phone numbers and other details. For mobile devices that do not have Internet access, NearE85 supports location retrieval via text messaging.

NearE85 staff have called each location for availability and included only stations with retail pumps (private government pumps are not included). Store hours and payment options are included for user convenience. Furthermore, each location has been geocoded to the address level with more than 200 manually placed on the map.

Additional website features include: sending E85 station data to cell phones for future reference; a daily E85 newsfeed; and a Biofuel Route Wizard (still in beta).

The Biofuel Route Wizard is an interactive, web-based graphical tool that allows a user to interactively draw their route on a US map. The Route Wizard then analyzes their route to find all biofuel stations within 10 miles of their route. It also indicates the number of miles between stops, the details of each stations, and the distance of each station from the route. Results can be graphically viewed on a single US map or can be downloaded to a navigation device using the GPX standard format.

Based on the development of the NearE85 service, NearE85 prepared a report comparing flex-fuel vehicle sales to the NearE85 station database for each state.  Of the states that have any E85 fueling locations, the following have the least availability per 1,000 flex-fuel vehicles and therefore represent areas with fueling infrastructure growth opportunities.

10 States with Lowest E85 Station Availability per
1,000 FFVs
StateE85 Stations per 1,000 FFVs
Florida 0.003256343
California 0.003886242
Virginia 0.008899331
New York 0.011545411
Maryland 0.022121202
Georgia 0.024153423
Washington 0.031030363
West Virginia 0.036507009
Kentucky 0.052815042
Delaware 0.060639136
New Mexico 0.062094446
Pennsylvania 0.062877623
Tennessee 0.064035518

The full report is available upon request by contacting Flex Fuel vehicles sales statistics used with permission from the Auto Alliance.



Cool! Ain't it great living in the digital age?


Heh. There is a single place to buy E85 in the entire state of California, and that's five miles away from me. Pearson Ford Fuels also sells biodiesel, natural gas, and a few other alts.


Did anyone figure out if E85 produces toxic emissions yet or is a switch over to E85 nationwide OK to do? Burning E85 is still ICEs burning chemicals in the atmosphere anyway you cut it and the emissions should be tested and compared to those of known fuels. E85 may help solve the problem of depending on foreign oil; but, at what future price? Will we be trading NOx for a worse toxin? The analysis must be done before we assume E85 is the answer. I hope it works out that it is ideal to use. Let's just take the time to prove it



Here's a report on E85 emissions. PDF file.

James Campbell

please notifie any additional feuling stations in pennysylvania area

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