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VeraSun Energy to Acquire 330 Million Gallons of Ethanol Capacity; Boosts Production Capacity to One Billion Gallons

Sagawa Express Delivery Vehicles To Use E3 Blend In Tokyo

Nikkei. Sagawa Express Co. will start using a 3% ethanol blend (E3) to fuel small cargo vehicles in the Tokyo metropolitan area this fall.

Sagawa Express plans to gradually switch to the ethanol-gasoline blend in up to 150 of the 1,200 delivery vehicles it operates in Tokyo and the three surrounding prefectures. It has also begun testing a vehicle running on biomethane.

Use of biofuels and bio-additives in Japan is limited, partly due to a lack of domestic feedstocks for current technology. A consortium of 10 oil distributors recently began limited sales of a 7% ethyl tertiary butyl ether (ETBE) blend. ETBE is an oxygenation additive made from ethanol and isobutene. (Earlier post.)


P Schager

3% and it's E-something? Reminds me of that bit of fat they add to a can of beans here in the US so they can sell it as Pork 'n Beans. If that's all the ethanol they've got over there, is that telling us why we aren't seeing any sake cars? Hey, guys, the big picture is, if we're too oil-dependent, your gas is expensive and your world is chaotic too.

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