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People’s Daily. Sales of the most fuel-efficient models of cars in China declined 11.67% in the first half of the year. The dip in sales of those models was in stark contrast to general automobile sales figures in China which increased nearly 30% on the previous year, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

Sales of fuel-efficient, low CO2-emitting cars dropped 25% in Beijing alone, according to Su Hui, head of Yayuncun automobile market.

“When consumers purchase automobiles, their tend to consider how the automobiles reflect their ‘face’, their social status. Larger vehicles, more expensive models and famous brands are usually preferred,” Su explained.

No low-emission car brand was listed among the top 20 best sellers in the Yayuncun automobile market in Beijing unlike last year when Xiali and QQ were on the list.

A survey, done by Sinotrust Marketing Research & Consulting company targeting 15,000 potential consumers, shows no more than 20 percent would consider low-emission cars as their first choice for quality reasons as well as social status.

Many fuel efficient cars, including Chery QQ and Changan Auto, have yet to reach the Euro 3 emission standard. Some of them were withdrawn from the Beijing market because they lacked OBD (On-Board Diagnostics).

Lang Xuehong, leader of the automotive department of Sinotrust, said many manufacturers were reluctant to invest in low-emission car research and development as they could only make a few hundred yuan (less than 100 U.S. dollars) in profits.


Alex Kovnat

So the good people of China are purchasing gas-guzzlers?

Years ago, Ford and GM (and I suppose Chrysler and all the other OEM's) could hardly wait to tap the China market and get the Chinese people addicted to automotive lifestyles.

I want to say something very iconoclastic: The UAW in America has always tried selling us on the idea of automotive imports being bad (costs jobs) while exports are good (creates jobs).

My viewpoint is that given a supposed threat from global warming and given the human tragedy of young people (and to a lesser extent older folks too) killed in traffic accidents, encouraging automotive exports to countries like China to create jobs for American autoworkers is like encouraging exports of tobacco and cigarettes to create jobs for tobacco farmers and cigarette manufacturers.

Herm Perez

who can blame them?, who wants to drive a rice box :)


One more example of how people the world over, regardless of race, religion or political leaning are all basically the same ... human (take that as you will).


Which merely reinforces my belief that the vast majority of people won't change this type of behavior until they are forced to by scarcity and prices.

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