Audi to Begin Production of Next-Generation Diesels in 2008; Bin 5 and Beyond
TEPCO Nuclear Plant May Sit On Fault That Caused Niigata Quake

Smith Electric Vehicles to Launch in US

Smith Electric Vehicles, the UK-based maker of the Edison and Newton electric urban delivery vehicles (earlier post), is investing an initial US$30 million to launch its range of battery-powered commercial vehicles in the United States.

The investment will fund a factory in North America for the production of US-specific versions of the Edison and Newton. Production is scheduled to begin in early 2008.

The company said that it is already receiving an average of 25 enquiries per week about the two electric vehicles from major fleet operators in the USA.

We intend to capitalise on this enormous latent interest by establishing an initial facility that can build in excess of 1,000 vehicles per year, followed by a purpose built facility for 2009 with installed capacity of up to 5,000 units pa. for North America.

We are confident that this will replicate the success enjoyed by our new technology electric vehicles in Europe. The USA will almost undoubtedly be the single biggest market in the world for urban electric vans and trucks, representing our largest sales opportunity.

—SEV Newsletter



The main page for smith electric doesn't say anything about the battery tech used. I'm guessing from the range and speed they're listing that it must be using zebra batteries. Sounds like a good choice for a vehicle that is in almost constant use. Anyone know for sure?

Mike L

That would be sweet to see the Newton or the Edison rolling down the neighborhood streets here instead of those loud and polluting trucks! Maybe this can get our Post office to start switching over to electric as well.


Nothing compared to ISE nanosafe powered large buses,,Phoenix Suv/Sut,Lightning GTS and soon to come Alcoa/nanosafe powered Medium duty trucks
Altairnano: The Real Deal
By EV World
AeroVironment's findings appear to confirm Altairnano's claims that the battery should be good for tens of thousands of cycles equivalent to 500,000 miles of vehicle travel.

The second big piece of news was Dan Elliott's announcement that an upgraded battery pack is in the works that should give their SUT a range of between 200-250 miles. The current projected range is 130 miles for a vehicle with a top speed of 95 mph. He also stated that as long as CARB doesn't change the current system of ZEV credits, his company will be able to sell vehicles by 2009 without the benefit of any government incentives.

Altairnano's Evan House said the company knows how to get the price of its batteries down and offered the company's chemistry to other battery manufacturers.

Finally, Ken Boshart made the case that if the Board continues to favor fuel cell technology, it will be supporting technology that will bring little economic benefits to the State, whereas, battery electric car companies including Phoenix, Tesla, Miles and ZAP are creating jobs in the state right now.

full article Alcoa

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