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Tesla Exceeds 560 Reservations for 2008 Electric Roadster

Reservations for Tesla Motors’ all-electric 2008 Roadster now exceed 560 of a planned total 800 available Roadsters for the 2008 model year.

Many of the customers buying the Roadster are currently hybrid car owners, particularly the Prius. Others, according to Tesla, are lured by the styling and performance characteristics of the car, and have chosen the Roadster over such cars as the Porsche 911 and BMW M6.

Because of the unique all-electric design, the Roadster offers supercar performance yet is twice as energy efficient as the Prius. For customers who want to make a strong statement about energy efficiency, the Roadster offers the opportunity to have the best of both worlds.

—Darryl Siry, VP of Sales, Marketing and Service



You GO, TESLA!!!


And this without the prospective buyers being able to take a test drive. Exactly how many minutes will it take for them to sell out the rest, when people get a chance to drive the vehicle before deciding to plunk down 100K.


And without much advertising.


It kind of makes you wonder what GM could have done with the EV-1 had they kept them around. An EV-1 with a lithium battery pack from A123 might have been a winning combination.

Go TESLA !!!!!


There is absolutely no reason why EVs have to be punishment cars.


Makes you wonder what Toyota could have done if they kept thier electric Rav4 in production. Air Quality Control uses them around here. Does anyone know why Toyota bailed on it. It seem like a cool little ride.


twice as energy efficient as the Prius

Those sorts of lies make me question their credibility. They better pray that their vehicle exceeds all this hype they're applying to it.

If they're off by just 15 wh/mile in their energy intensity estimates, that would put it equal with the Prius real-world fuel economy. To say it's double is to push beyond a reasonable range for estimating efficiency.

Not that someone who pays $100K for a 200-mile range vehicle is going to care much about nor actually measure to see if it's true...


Correction: wh/km

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