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US Sales of Hybrids Up 49% in June from Prior Year

Monthly US sales of hybrids. Click to enlarge.

Sales of hybrid light duty vehicles rose 49% in June compared to the same month in 2006, reaching more than 34,300 units. Sales of GM hybrids are not included in the total, as the company does not yet break those out.

Although marking a decrease from the record-setting sales pace set in May, the sales results kept hybrids above the 2% mark in terms of new vehicle marketshare. Overall, sales of light duty vehicles in the US declined 3% in June from the prior year, with light truck sales decreasing 6% while passenger car sales increased 0.2%, according to Autodata.

Hybrids represented at least 2.4% of the new vehicle market in June. Click to enlarge.

Toyota maintained its leadership position in hybrids, with the Prius posting an 83% increase for the month compared to the prior year, with 17,756 units sold. The Camry Hybrid accounted for 5,530 units, up 30% from the year before and accounting for 12% of all Camry brand sales. The Highlander Hybrid posted 2,403 units, a decrease of 11% from the year before, and accounting for 21.4% of all Highlanders sold.

The Lexus Rx 400h sold 1,562 units, up 31% from the prior year, accounting for 16.7% of the combined Rx 350/400h models. The Lexus GS 450h sold 131 units, down 43% from the prior year and accounting for 93% of the combined GS 430/450h models. The GS 450h represented 6.5% of all GS model sales (including the GS 350).

Hybrid share of brand sales. Click to enlarge.

The Honda Civic Hybrid posted 3,246 units, up 25% from the year before and accounting for 8.9% of all Civic models sold. The Accord Hybrid posted 342 units, down 14% from the year before, and accounting for 1.2% of all the Accord models sold.

Ford’s sales of the Mariner and Escape hybrids rose 34% to 2,526 units, representing 11% of the combined sales of the brands.

The Nissan Altima posted 804 units, representing 3.1% of all Altimas sold.



Just wait until August and September, once gas prices have gone back up above $3.20/gallon nationally. Within 3 years, people will think you are an absolute fool if your NEW car purchase isn't a diesel or hybrid.

Max Reid

June-2007 vehicle sales are roughly 1,300,000 vehicles and hybrid sales are 34,300.
Thats around 2.65 % share, great.

The overall vehicle sales are down 3.00 % and the truck sales are down 6.00 %
despite big incentives, whereas Hybrids sales went up 49 %. Thats great.

Another impressive thing is that the smaller Prius which offers more space for its
dimensions has the highest increase than any other model. Around year-2000,
CUV's had around 2 % market share and SUV had 20 %, now the CUV's have around 13 %
and SUV down to 12 %.

Similarly, we can expect Hybrids to gain share.

Yes DB is correct, $3.20 / gallon is not impossible. We dont know where the
gas prices will be in a year or two.

With the Can $ close to $.96 USD, most Canadians are already paying close to $4/US gal.

Higher gas prices have boosted sales of smaller more efficient cars and hybrids in most Provinces, except in Alberta, where gas is cheaper and addiction to large 4 x 4 and pickups is stronger.

Another $1/gal + the recent subsidies on purchase of low consumption vehicles + penalties on gas guzzlers will help to convince many more.

The Prius III will sell even better.


The West Coast is already paying well over $3.20.  Late in May, I saw unleaded going for $4.099... down by Mono Lake, but still.  Diesel had been in the low 3's all up and down I-5.

Had we done the right thing and gone for a gas tax instead of CAFE standards, we might already be at 25% hybrids and rising.  There wasn't anything in our way.


Max Reid,

Where do you get your data for vehicle sales?


I'm a complete fiscal conservative, a complete capitalist. Even I think a federal gas tax increase wouldn't be such a bad idea- to keep up with inflation. There will be a shortfall in funds unless the fed gas tax is raised (and our politicians stop funding pork projects with bridges to nowhere). It hasn't gone up in 10 years. The appropriate level would be closer to 30 cents instead of the 18.4 of right now. This small increase would have a small effect on people's new car purchases, but it's all about baby steps. Tie the tax to inflation and eventually people will buy efficient cars.

BTW, I can't believe I'm advocating increasing any tax.


Does anyone know what explains the 26% drop in prius sales as compared with the prior month (as opposed to the prior year)? 17,756 priuses were sold last month, but in the month before that, a record 24,009 units were sold. Why are the numbers so erratic recently?


The obvious answer is people got tired of waiting lists.

It would be interesting to see the sales of VW diesels along with the hybrid data.

Toyota can't continue to sell 24000 per month because they aren't producing that many....
"For 2007 Toyota plans to build almost 200,000 Prius hybrid cars for the U.S. market." So that's an average of roughly 16500 per month.

Also, from what I've heard, the waiting lists are finally gone (since they almost doubled production from 2006). But based on the above numbers, they are still selling every Prius they make pretty quickly.

Unfortunately the sales of VW diesels this year will be very low (regardless of whether there is a Prius waiting list or not). VW is only selling some remaining 2006 TDI's this year (since they didn't meet emissions regulations for 2007). For 2008, however, they will introduce a clean Jetta TDI. Then diesel sales should take off. I hope VW will actually make enought to meet demand.

Max Reid

34,885 hybrids were sold in June-2007 if we include
Vue (463) and Aura (122). Thats 2.4 % market share.

Yes, if VW, Benz & BMW bring their best Bluetec Diesels, it should sell well, considering the fact that gas prices are atleast 20 cents higher than Diesel and also give lower mileage.

Also the German companies are moving into CNG, hope they bring it here.

Gerald Shields

Well DB, Welcome to Fiscal Reality.


Wow, the Civic Hybrid sold 3,246 units in the US ???

How can that be? If that is true then somehow Honda managed to resolve their production limit of 38,000 yearly units from their Suzuka plant. We have to remember that Honda sells the Civic Hybrid in other countries too, so that means that they discretely "somehow" are cramming more units out that what the plant can accommodate.



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