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Imperium Backing Algae Biodiesel Startup

Safeway to Run Trucks on B20

Arizona Daily Star. Safeway announced that it will switch its distribution truck fleet to a B20 biodiesel fuel.

For the last 30 days, the company has worked to convert all 79 of its Arizona trucks to fuel that is 20 percent biodiesel made from domestically manufactured virgin soybean oil. The conversion will reduce Safeway’s carbon dioxide gas output by 3,603 metric tons—equivalent to 780 passenger cars not being driven for one year, said Nikki Daly, company spokeswoman.

Additionally, the company will sell a B20 blend at the Safeway gas station in Tucson.

(A hat-tip to Jim!)


Max Reid

There is another news about Algae to Biodiesel extraction in

As more companies (like Safeway) move Biodiesel, more companies will start making it.


The real issue is: Where is the feedstock going to come from? Soybeans have gotten really expensive.


is this going to eventually spread to northern california as well, or is this a different safeway?


Same Safeway Supermarkets. The B20 is from virgin soy. See for more info.

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