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September 2007

September 30, 2007

Gaz de France, Vattenfall in CO2 Project in Germany

Gaz de France has signed a cooperation agreement with the Vattenfall Group for a CO2 injection and enhanced gas recovery pilot project in Germany.


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Polaris Introduces ATV With New Air-Assisted Direct Injection Engine

The Orbital two-phase, air-assisted injector. Click to enlarge. Source: Orbital

Polaris Industries Inc. has completed first production of its newest military vehicle, the MV800 4X4 ATV, and received purchase orders for it from the US Department of Defense. The MV800 is Polaris’ first vehicle to feature a 760cc, 30kW (40 hp) twin-cylinder 4-stroke engine that utilizes a newly developed air-assisted direct-injection combustion system.

The new Patriot Engine uses JP8 as the primary fuel. Developed in partnership with Australian-based Orbital Corporation, it delivers almost twice the horsepower of traditional diesel compression engines of comprable size.


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Ozone Triggers Overreaction in Innate Immune System Response in Lungs

While it has long been known that exposure to ozone, a major component of urban air pollution, is associated with increased cardiovascular and pulmonary hospitalizations and deaths, the actual mechanisms involved remain unclear.

New studies led by Duke University Medical Center pulmonary researchers on the effects of ozone on the innate immune system found that ozone exposure in mice at levels approximating unhealthy levels for humans appears to enhance lung injury in response to bacterial toxins, and also appears to enhance programmed cell death (apoptosis) in critical innate immune system cells, the macrophages. Results of the study appear in the 1 October issue of the Journal of Immunology.


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September 29, 2007

Two Biofuel Commitments from the Clinton Global Initiative

Two commitments to biofuel projects were announced at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting this week in New York.


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Taiwan Orders Use of E3 in Government Vehicles

CNA. The government of Taiwan launched a “green government vehicle” program with an order that calls for vehicles owned by the central government and the Taipei municipal government to use an E3 (3% ethanol) blend.


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RMI Forms Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Team; Focus on “Smart Garage”

Chart shown by RMI on the conceptual impact on minimum and peak grid load in California with PHEVs and V2G services. Red is  baseline load; yellow, load with off-peak PHEV smart charging; and green, peak load reduction from V2G. Click to enlarge.

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has formed a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) team to lead a consortium of companies to design and develop an optimized PHEV platform. Originally part of RMI’s transportation consulting team, the PHEV team is working with Alcoa, Johnson Controls, Google, and the Turner Foundation to explore the possibilities of bringing a lightweight, more efficient, fully functional PHEV to the US market.

RMI sees the PHEV as playing a critical role in bringing together two critical pieces of the energy system—power generation and transportation—and the company is working in a broader partnership with Johnson Controls and PG&E on the concept of the “smart garage”.


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September 28, 2007

GM Assigns Volt Production to Hamtramck in 2010

Detroit Free Press. GM has agreed to begin production of the Chevrolet Volt at the Detroit Hamtramck assembly facility beginning in 2010 as one of the future product commitments made to the UAW as part of their tentative labor agreement, according to the union.


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Nissan Adds Diesel Hybrid and CNG Models to Atlas H43 Lineup

The layout of the Isuzu PTO hybrid drive system. Izuzu manufactures the Atlas for Nissan. Click to enlarge.

Nissan Motor has added diesel mild hybrid and compressed natural gas (CNG) models to its Atlas H43 lineup of light-commercial vehicles in Japan. The Atlas H43 is manufactured as a Nissan model by Isuzu Motors Ltd, and uses the Isuzu hybrid system developed for the Elf.

The hybrid features a power take-off (PTO) parallel drive system with the diesel engine and traction motor connected to separate drive shafts.


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Denso To Begin Making 2,000 Bar Diesel Injection Systems In Europe In '08

Nikkei. Denso Corporation plans to start manufacturing 2,000 bar common rail fuel injection systems for diesel engines in Europe in 2008, ahead of the implementation of Euro 5 standards in 2009.


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BASF, RWE Power and Linde Developing New Processes for CO2 Capture in Coal-Fired Power Plants

BASF, RWE Power and the Linde Group are cooperating to develop and deploy new processes for CO2 capture from flue gases in coal-fired power plants. The partners are targeting removal and subsequent underground storage of more than 90% of CO2.

Their cooperation includes the construction and operation of a pilot facility at the lignite-fired power plant of RWE Power AG in Niederaussem/Germany to test new solvents from BASF for CO2 scrubbing. Linde will be responsible for the engineering and the construction of the pilot facility. The goal is to apply CO2 capture commercially in lignite-fired power plants by 2020.


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