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October 2007

October 31, 2007

Chevron and NREL to Collaborate on Research to Produce Transportation Fuels, Including Jet Fuel, using Algae

Chevron Corporation and the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have entered into a collaborative research and development agreement to study and advance technology to produce liquid transportation fuels using algae.

Chevron and NREL scientists will collaborate to identify and develop algae strains that can be economically harvested and processed into finished transportation fuels, such as jet fuel. Chevron Technology Ventures, a division of Chevron USA, will fund the initiative.


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Fisker and Quantum Preview High-End Plug-In Hybrid

Fisker Automotive plug-in hybrid electric four-door sports sedan.

Fisker Coachbuild, LLC and Quantum Technologies provided initial details on the $80,000, four-door plug-in hybrid premium sports sedan that will debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January. (Earlier post.)

The car is the first production vehicle to come from Fisker Automotive, Inc. Initial deliveries will commence in the 4th quarter of 2009 with annual production projected to reach 15,000 cars.


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VW Launching Jetta TDI Diesel Race Series in US

Volkswagen of America, is launching the Jetta TDI Cup series at select racetracks in North America in 208. The series will be sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Pro Racing Inc., and will appear at up to eight major racing venues.


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Recycled Scrap Tire Rubber Can Be Used to Create Novel Thermoplastic and Thermoset Compounds

Lehigh Technologies’ PolyDyne recycled tire rubber powder can be used to create novel thermoplastic and thermoset compounds that can be produced and manufactured in large volumes, according to new research by the company. The small rubber particles in the range of 105 through 44 microns offer a much higher surface area providing easier incorporation into polymer alloys, or rubber and plastics, via improved polymer-particle interaction.

Research on the process was performed by Carl McAfee of McAfee Consulting, LLC and Mike Grubb, Director of Plastics & Specialty Materials at Lehigh Technologies, Inc.


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Zipcar and Flexcar to Merge

Car-sharing providers Zipcar and Flexcar will merge. The combined company will operate under the Zipcar brand and be headquartered in Cambridge, MA, led by Zipcar Chairman and CEO, Scott Griffith.

Zipcar and Flexcar currently operate car sharing programs, providing members with on-demand access to a diverse fleet of vehicles located throughout major metropolitan areas. To use the service, members reserve a vehicle online or via a mobile device, use a smartcard to open the doors, take their trip, and then return the car at the end of the reservation. An hourly or daily fee covers gas, insurance, maintenance, parking and 24-7 emergency service.


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Raser and FEV to Develop Plug-in Hybrid Demo Vehicle Using Symetron Motor

Raser Technologies has appointed FEV Engine Technology as the integrator for an advanced plug-in-hybrid electric demonstration vehicle that incorporates a Raser Symetron electric motor and power electronic drive powertrain technology. The vehicle is targeted to achieve more than 100 mpg for the typical American driver.


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Dutch Nuon Solar Team Winds Panasonic World Solar Challenge Race

The Nuna4 solar car from the Dutch Nuon Solar Team tool top spot in the Panasonic World Solar Challenge in Australia, a 3,000-kilometer (1,870-mile) cross-continent, Darwin to Adelaide race. The Dutch team completed the race in 33 hours with an average speed of 90.87 km/h (56 mph).


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Avantium to Deliver Flowrence Reactor Systems to Shell

Avantium Technologies, a spin-off from Shell, has signed an agreement with CRI/Criterion Inc, a catalyst technology company within the Royal Dutch Shell group, for the sale and delivery of multiple Avantium Flowrence Research platforms to CRI/Criterion or its affiliates to enhance its research capabilities.


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UK Department for Transport Introduces Framework to Deliver New Low Carbon Transport System

Growth in UK GDP and transport kilometers. Click to enlarge.

UK Secretary of State for Transport Ruth Kelly introduced a new framework to deliver a transport system to support the UK economy and to reduce carbon emissions. The framework, Towards a Sustainable Transport System, is the Department for Transport’s response to both the Eddington Transport Study and the Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change. (Earlier post.)

The discussion document argues that forcing the pace of technological improvements and removing the obstacles to behavioral change will be key to ensuring transport makes a substantial contribution to the goal of at least a 60% reduction of CO2 by 2050.


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October 30, 2007

Study: Refineries’ Hydrogen Consumption Will Climb 40% in Next 5 Years

Global environmental regulations and the inferior quality of today’s sour crude feedstock available for refineries will drive consumption of hydrogen in excess of 40% over the next five years, according to a new report from SRI Consulting (SRIC).


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