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China to Approve Methanol Fuel Blends in 1H 2008

Xinhua. China is developing and will approve two methanol blend standards for automobile fuel next year, according to Chen Weiguo, secretary-general of the China Association of Alcohol and Ether Clean Fuels and Automobiles.

A standard for methanol blends of more than 85% will be approved in the first half of 2008. A standard for blends of less than 15% will be completed in the first quarter, and then sent to the Standardization Administration for approval.

“The standards will surely facilitate supervision over the current methanol market, and will define the way of methanol development in the future,” said Rong Junfeng, a senior official with the China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation.

Methanol, which can be derived from coal, coal bed methane and coke oven gas, has a wide range of resources in China, as more than 80 percent of the country’s energy resources rely on the coal.


In October, China’s Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. unveiled prototype methanol-fueled cars at their research base in northern China’s Shanxi Province. (Earlier post.) Shanghai Maple reportedly plans to make 50,000 methanol cars next year.



Sounds appropriate to work at these two ends,
The lower could be reasonably seen as serious general purpose mix, the upper end getting into a rather more demanding technical blend.
Any higher and the purity required would place the fuel towards pharmacuetical grades. The lower end adquately covers the general purpose range.

Max Reid

Methanol has only 1/2 the energy content of gasolene.
So if we go on long range, we can use gasolene and for short range (like daily commute), we can use Methanol like M85.

Surely, China is going to catch up big with Methanol.
Once they start something, they go very fast.

China's Solar Photovoltaic capacity has increased 3 fold between 2005 & 2006 to 1000 MW.

Dr David EH Gan

more info about car run with methanol

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