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January 2008

January 31, 2008

Traffic Congestion Mitigation Commission Recommends Congestion Pricing Plan for New York City

The TCMC plan institutes a congestion charge zone south of 60th Street in Manhattan. Click to enlarge.

The independent New York City Traffic Congestion Mitigation Commission (TCMC) has recommended an alternative congestion pricing plan that, according to its research, will reduce traffic levels in all five boroughs while raising nearly half a billion dollars per year in net revenue for transit improvements and service expansion across the city and the region.

New York’s Governor and State Legislature created the Traffic Congestion Mitigation Commission in 2007 and charged it with developing a solution to the severe traffic congestion problem in New York City’s central business district (CBD). The legislation establishing the Commission required it to study and evaluate different approaches to reducing congestion in the CBD, including the congestion pricing plan forwarded by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg in April, 2007 (earlier post), and to recommend a comprehensive traffic congestion mitigation plan to the City and the State by January 31, 2008.


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Mercedes-Benz Citaro G Bluetec Hybrid Bus Given 2008 DEKRA Environmental Award

The Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid urban bus.

The Mercedes-Benz Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid urban bus was presented with the 2008 DEKRA environmental award at the World Mobility Forum in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid, announced in 2007 (earlier post), is a series-hybrid articulated bus featuring a downsized diesel engine as the genset to provide power for a 19.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack located on the roof. The Citaro hybrid uses four 80 kW electric wheel hub motors on the center and rear axles of the vehicle, with total output of 320 kW.


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ECOtality’s eTec Completes SuperCharge System Installation at Long Beach Airport

Long Beach Airport and Electric Transportation Engineering Company (eTec), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ECOtality, Inc., have completed the installation of five Dual Port SuperCharge systems at Long Beach Airport. The five stations will be used to recharge a fleet of electric baggage tractors and belt loaders that service JetBlue and US Airways.


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Study Compares Use of Hydrous and Anhydrous Ethanol Fuels in Direct-injection, Turbocharged Engine

Comparative testing by engineers at Orbital Corporation of hydrous (E93h, E87h, E80h) and anhydrous (E100) ethanol fuels on a direct injection multi-cylinder turbocharged engine found that the engine may be operated at high load with the same output and efficiency, with either hydrous or anhydrous ethanol. Orbital published its results in an SAE paper presented at Congresso SAE Brasil in late November, 2007.

In ethanol production, the “beer” resulting from the fermentation is processed in distillation columns where an azeotropic mixture of ethanol and water is separated out from the rest of the stillage. This product is referred to as hydrous ethanol—about 95% ethanol and 5% water. To be used as a supplementary blend in low levels with gasoline, this hydrous ethanol needs to be dehydrated, resulting in anhydrous ethanol.


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Biofuel Centre at Napier University Focusing on Biobutanol

The Times. The Biofuel Research Centre at Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland (earlier post) is focusing on developing biobutanol as a second-generation biofuel.


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Suncor Board Approves C$20.6B Oil Sands Expansion

The diagram depicts the assets of the 200,000 bpd “Voyageur” expansion program; however, Voyageur will be operated on an integrated basis with existing operations. Click to enlarge.

The Board of Directors of Suncor Energy gave final approval to a C$20.6 billion (US$20.7 billion) investment to boost crude oil production at the company’s oil sands operation, located north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, by 200,000 barrels per day (bpd) over its planned 2008 levels to reach 550,000 bpd in 2012.

The expansion plans include constructing four additional stages of in-situ bitumen production, a new upgrader (Suncor’s third) to convert that bitumen into higher-value crude oil, and various infrastructure and utilities.


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Youngman Automotive Signs Second Exclusive Distribution Agreement with ZAP for North American Bus Market

Youngman Automotive Group, one of China’s leading bus manufacturers, has signed a second exclusive distribution agreement with ZAP that grants it the rights to distribute the full line of Youngman buses in North America.


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PACCAR to Use SCR and EGR for 2010 Engine NOx Requirements

PACCAR, manufacturer of light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF nameplates, stated in its Q4 2007 Earnings Statement that it will use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) in combination with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) in its PACCAR engines for Kenworth and Peterbilt to meet the NOx requirements of the 2010 EPA diesel engine emissions regulations.


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January 30, 2008

DOE Restructures Its Approach to FutureGen

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is restructuring its commitment and approach to the planned $1.5-billion FutureGen project, which would have resulted in the construction and operation of a prototype 275 MW plant that would co-produce electricity and hydrogen from coal with essentially zero emissions, including carbon dioxide emissions, which would be captured and sequestered. (Earlier post.)

The restructured approach will focus on separating carbon dioxide for CCS in multiple future IGCC plants. DOE will support industry in building IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) plants by providing funding for the addition of CCS technology to multiple plants. The new approach does not include support for hydrogen production.


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SwRI Full-Load Study of Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine Indicates Higher Power, Torque and Efficiency Than Conventional Engines of Equal Displacement

The first independent laboratory study of the Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine (earlier post) under full-load conditions indicates that a gasoline-fueled version of the engine will have higher power, torque and efficiency ratings than the current state-of-the-art turbocharged gasoline engines of equal displacement on the road today.

The Full Load (FL) Study by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is the first of three reports to be published by the laboratory prior to the assembly of the first prototype, which is scheduled for completion later this year. A Part Load Study and an Air-Hybrid Study will be published in early and mid-2008 respectively.


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