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Enova Systems and IC Bus Execute Long Term Agreement For Hybrid School Buses

20 May 2008

Enova Systems has entered into a Long Term Supply Agreement with IC Bus, a wholly owned affiliate of Navistar, Inc. and the nation’s largest school bus manufacturer, that guarantees that Enova’s proprietary Post Transmission Parallel Hybrid Electric drive system will be used in IC Bus’ hybrid school buses. (Earlier post.)

IC Bus has forecast significant market penetration of its hybrid buses in the US, Canada and Mexico, the countries included in the terms of the Agreement. Additionally, IC Bus and Enova are working closely to evaluate the hybrid bus market in India. The Agreement is valued, for Enova, in excess of $120M through the 2010 calendar year.

The hybrid school bus project features Enova’s Charge Depleting (or “Plug In”) or Charge Sustaining Systems.

Enova’s Post Transmission hybrid drive system is a non-invasive system that requires little or no modification of the chassis, body and instrument panel. In addition, the Enova system does not intrude on the engine control or communication system. The system monitors, but does not impact the diesel engine operating parameters.

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