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Euro Parliament Committee Backs Easing of NOx Limits in Euro VI

The European Parliament’s Environment Committee has backed an easing of the proposed NOx limits for heavy vehicles in Euro VI emissions specifications from 0.4 g/kWh to 0.5 g/kWh. The new limit represents a 75% reduction compared to the Euro V specifications that will come into effect next year. The prior limit represented an 80% reduction.

The US EPA 2010 heavy-duty limit on NOx is 0.27g/kWh (0.2 mg/bhp-hr)—approximately 85% below Euro 5 (although different test cycles make absolute comparisons difficult.)

Euro V limits will replace the current Euro IV limits in 2009. The Environment Committee pushed compliance with Euro VI to 1 January 2014—three months earlier than the proposal from the European Commission, but nine months later than originally proposed.

New types of vehicles would have to meet the standards one year earlier. The committee asked the Commission to adopt the associated technical regulation by the end of 2009, after which manufacturers will have 48 months to make the necessary technical changes to the vehicles.

The committee also rejected amendments by the rapporteur that would have reduced the particle mass limit to 5 mg/kWh. Instead, they backed the Commission proposal of 10 mg/kWh—a 66% reduction compared with Euro V.



Looks like they're giving in to the diesel lobby who don't want to clean up their black smoke spewing trucks. Their system is just as broken as in the US, just in different ways. Here we can't get the EPA to regulate CO2 because of the auto lobby and illegal political interference by the white house.

Unfortunately this relaxation in NOx and PM will make it harder for the Euros to sell their vehicles in the states.


You really do not see much or any black smoke from the last Euro IV/V models. Keep sending us your diesel and we send you our gas.


I don't see why relaxed European standards make it harder for the European car manufacturers to sell Diesels over here. They can meet our standards if they want to regardless of what the EU says. VW, Mercedes, Subaru and Honda will all be bringing out 50 state legal Diesels in the next year. (Yes, I am aware that Subaru and Honda are not European).

MH is correct. The current batch of Diesels running ULSD fuel does not produce black smoke. This is a myth perpetuated by people who remember the black smoke from Diesels of the early '80's, the last time we had significant numbers of Diesels in the US, and by people who have never been to Europe. Running biodiesel makes them even cleaner.


Have a look at
( from SAE 2007-01-1112 )

Those mass reductions without true filtration are a farce! Fifteen years behind now, and 20 - 25 years then, with Euro-VI..


just because you can't see smoke doesn't imply that somehow the emissions are less harmful. in fact, tinier particles can present a higher risk in certain cases.
i have been to europe. the air there sucks.


"Here we can't get the EPA to regulate CO2 because of the auto lobby and illegal political interference by the white house."

EPA will never regulate CO2 unless it is proven to be toxic or directly responsible for global warming. It has not.


Looks like EU will continue to trail behind U.S. standards for a good while longer.

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