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Better Place Unveils Design and Deployment of Charging Spot and Electric Parking Lots in Israel

Fleetwood Shows Diesel-Electric Hybrid RV Concept

Fleetwood Enterprises’s RV Group, a leading producer of recreational vehicles, unveiled its first-ever Fleetwood Hybrid motor home concept vehicle during RVIA’s 46th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. 2-4 December.

Built on the ecoFRED, a diesel-electric hybrid electric power train system chassis from Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation, Fleetwood Hybrid features increased fuel economy up to 42% compared to a gasoline-engined RV with automatic transmissions.

Other key benefits of ecoFRED’s hybrid electric power system include instant torque when accelerating for a significant increase in power in virtually all conditions and demands, and no compromise in payload capacity.



now if we could just get those retirees to lose some weight.......


Good lord, weight of passengers is all anyone had to say about this? 20% (ish) of this gain is from GASOLINE TO DIESEL. Gas RV's get around 6mpg, diesels get like 6. That leaves almost 20% (ish) gained by a totally pointless smattering of makeup on a vehicular warthog. BFD.

...they also say compared to automatic.. is this example not auto? Is it manual, CVT? That would take more benefit away from the hybridization of these inexcusable behemoths.


The flat roof of the coaches is an ideal place to incorporate solar cells. I'm sure many of the luxury owners can afford.

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